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Caulking – House Prep before Painting – Why Caulk before Paint is so Important on Prep for Exterior House Painting

exterior siding caulked

Caulking – Why Prep is more important than Paint!   House Prep before Painting — Important!

Why is it so important for caulking before painting on your exterior home?

wood rot caulked before painting
Wood rot replaced and caulked before primer & paint.

When caulking every seam and nail on your home, this creates a flexible barrier between any gaps and air ways that exist on windows, trim boards, siding seams and other areas.  Your home “breathes” in between seasons, expanding and contracting with the weather.  When you have these gaps and seams caulked, the caulking flexes and keeps your home airtight.  It is very important to have this in place before painting, as paint is the top coat of protection over caulking.  First we start with a powerwash on your exterior to rinse all the debris and create a clean surface to start with.

Steps we do before painting and after on each project:

  • Powerwash
  • Wood Rot Repairs
  • Prime bare wood & repairs
  • Caulking & Sealants
  • Masking, Taping, Plastic – covering areas prior to painting
  • Painting
  • Touchups
  • Site Cleanup
  • Final Walk around inspection

Many kinds of caulking can be used, but specifically you need an exterior caulking that holds up to your weather region.   We use top quality products with a warranty from the manufacturer on each of our projects.  Included in your bid package is the data sheet that shows why we’ve picked the best for your project.

Exterior Repaint in North Kansas City

Prep on your exterior home is very important before painting.  This includes any flaked or chipped paint.  It needs to be scraped, primed, and ready before painting over it.   If you simply paint over the flaked paint, it will come back off during the next season and create additional problems for the damaged area.

powerwash house before caulking
Powerwashing before caulking and repairs.

Before painting the top coat, we also replace any damaged wood rot areas with long lasting PVC or cedar (if applicable) to prevent the problem from happening again. Sometimes this water damage comes from an above gutter leak or damaged window sill.  Let us take a look at your project and develop a plan of repair and protection on your biggest asset – Your Home!

painted exterior after caulking
Exterior Caulked and Painted – Beautiful!

If you have any questions on the prep of your house before painting, please ask!

You can always book an online free estimate and we’ll come out to take a look at your Northland KC project.  or call us at 816-868-2299

From some of our 2018 FB Reviews:
“I highly recommend them”   —  “They do great work!” — “Awesome job on our exterior, fast & clean & professional!”

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