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Give Your Home The Wow Factor

We live in an age where everyone and their mother has a YouTube channel. 

You can even probably find how to duplicate the Colonel’s secret recipe. Millions of people take to YouTube to find out how to fix a leaky pipe, or how to repair wood rot, or how to finish their basement or remodel their bathroom or remodel their kitchen and on and on.  I’m guilty of the same thing.  I am an expert in home improvement projects.  There is nothing remodeling related that I have not done.  After all I have been doing it for over 20yrs. 

My Achilles heel is automotive.  And of course I have attempted my fare share of repairs to my truck a few times and every time with my trusty companion by my side, my phone.  I play and pause the video I found on YouTube where the person is trying to walk me thru the repair as I do it.  I have had some victories and some failures.

I have been wise enough at times to recognize when a repair is beyond my capabilities. After all I need my truck come Monday morning.  There are a lot of handy people out there and even if they’re not experienced in whatever home improvement project stands before them, they can manage to give it a good go at it with some instruction of what I’ve come to call YouTube U(university). 

But there are A LOT of aspects to home improvement that go beyond know how. 

That’s right, I’m talking about talent. If you’re reading this please don’t be offended. I can throw a baseball but a major league pitcher can really throw a baseball.  Why?  We are using the same throwing motion but he can throw it at 90 mph and I’d be lucky to hit 50 mph.  Talent, he can do something that I can only imitate. 

So when is a project too intricate to bribe your best friend to come over and tackle this project with you?  Only you can answer that.  Not everyone has the same skill level and not everyone has the same budget.  Just remember that what you do will be there in plain sight for everyone to see. 

Also an improper job can devalue your house. 

Think about it… if you do a bath remodel or a kitchen remodel or a basement finish in your house and the drywall work is not smooth or the tile work is not straight…Or the cabinet painting has runs in it and you can just tell that the work doesn’t look professional…Other people are going to see the same thing you’re seeing. 

The value of your home is not entirely dictated by what the other houses in your neighborhood are selling for. 

In fact you can ask more money for your property if the updates that you’ve made are well done.  They will bring out the “wow” factor instead of the “oh” factor. 

The “wow” factor brings value and the “oh” factor devalues. 

At E.L Construction we are all about the “wow” factor.  We have some of the best craftsmen in the industry.  We make dreams reality with our skill and our great customer service. 

So what is your dream? 

Do you dream of a newly remodeled kitchen or newly remodeled bathroom or a newly finished basement?  Maybe your house has needed an exterior paint job for a while now.  Completely change the look of your house by changing the exterior paint color of the house. 

As you know Kansas City can have some very harsh winters and very hot, humid summers. 

All those elements can be very hard on the exterior of your house so it is very important for the exterior of your house to be caulked and painted always.  The saying “a little now saves a lot later” is true for a lot of things and home maintenance is no exception.

Give your home the WOW factor!

Next time you are thinking about tackling a home improvement project or a home repair project and you’re not feeling too confident about it, give us a call.  At E.L Construction we love helping customers find the most cost efficient solutions to their particular situation. Call us at 816-868-2299.

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