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Deck & Fence Staining

Professional-Grade Staining Kansas City

When you need professional deck or fence staining services, turn to E.L. Construction. We stain decks, fences, boat docks, and any other type of wood here in the Northland of Kansas City. Call E.L. Construction at (816) 868-2299 to learn more about our staining services!

Professional-Grade Staining

We prefer Sherwin Williams products as we have used them for many years with great results. When deciding on a stain, there are many types to choose from. First, pick the transparency: Solid, Semi-solid, semi-transparent, or just a transparent sealer. These all have an impact on the type of wood that they are being applied to.

Benefits of Staining

Staining your deck, fence, or other outdoor wood has many benefits to prolonging the life of your structure.

Benefits include:

  • Repels Water & Reduces Moisture
  • Protects Against Ultraviolet Light
  • Protects Against Rotting & Infestation
Deck & Fence Staining North Kansas City

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