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Most people change their appearance every day, from different clothes to different hair styles. But we often are too afraid to change the appearance of our home or business.

Be bold. Call E.L. Construction today for quality exterior painting in Kansas City, MO. We can give your home or business a brand new look that can keep up with your ever-changing life.

Exterior Paint

Exterior Painting Kansas City ContractorPeople and businesses are constantly evolving. People move, businesses relocate, or sometimes you just want a fresh start. Our exterior paint services are perfect to help rebrand your home or business. Whether you’ve recently moved to a new location, your current paint is starting to chip and peel, or you just want to redecorate, we provide the services to replace your paint.

Our services start with power washing the building to remove all grime and debris to allow a new coat of paint to go on smoothly. We also replace any wood that is damaged, and then we sand the surface, prime it, and paint it.

We will also caulk any areas that need it to keep the exterior of your building looking new and fresh.

From start to finish, we can complete your exterior paint job in three to five days to keep your inconvenience to a minimum.

Reliable Service

E.L. Construction has been in business for a long time, and we still boast quality workmanship. We are locally owned and operated, so you get the attention and focus you need to make sure your exterior paint is high-quality. We listen to your ideas about what you want and execute them as precisely as we can to make your vision come to life.

We even offer an estimate with an experienced member of our team so you know what you’re getting before we begin.

So call us today at (816) 868-2299 to schedule your estimate or to make an appointment for new exterior paint with a fast and reliable exterior painting contractor.

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