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Exterior Painting for Homeowners: What to Expect

Exterior Painting in North Kansas City

One of the simplest yet most dramatic ways to give your home a whole new look is with a fresh coat of paint.

Paint, especially in a new color, can rejuvenate the exterior and change the entire character of the home.

Your exterior painting crew won’t just apply paint, however. The crew will use a three-pronged approach to ensure your home’s exterior is in top condition so the paint lasts. Learn more about the process.

Surface Preparation

Years of grime, algae, and peeling paint can leave your home’s siding looking pretty rough. A bit of prep work mitigates these issues and ensures the fresh paint will actually stick.

Power Wash

Most paint crews use a power washer to remove surface dirt and any loose paint. Any areas with algae or mildew growth will first be treated with a bleach solution to kill the source of the problem. The crew takes care not to spray under siding or directly at windows as they wash the siding. The painting prep crew will also cover and protect any landscape plants that are growing near the house.

Sand and Strip

Power washing may not prepare all the surfaces well. In some areas, particularly along the trim, peeling paint must be sanded off by hand. Rough wood may also require some sanding to help smooth it and remove any surface damage. The sanding and stripping step can be the longest part of the process, but your paint crew lead will provide you with a time estimate based upon the condition of your siding and trim.

Damage Repair

No matter what type of siding you have, problems may exist that must be addressed before painting can proceed. Wood siding is prone to rot, but even metal or vinyl siding may have gaps or holes that require repair.

Rot Repair

Rot is primarily an issue with wood siding, although rot can also affect wood trim around windows, doors, and eaves. If you would like to check for or verify rot problems before bringing in a painting crew, take an awl or flathead screwdriver and press it into the wood. If it sinks in more than 1/8 inch, then rot could be a concern. Your painting contractors can cut out any rotted siding or trim and replace it with new.

Seal and Caulk

Part of proper paint preparation is making sure everything on your home’s exterior is properly sealed. Caulk is the main tool the crew will use to achieve this. Any gaps along seams, particularly around window and door frames, can be caulked. The crew will also patch and seal any holes before they proceed with the painting. Not only does sealing make the siding look better, it also cuts down on drafts.

Primer and Paint Application

Once the preparatory work is complete, painting can begin. Paint application can be a multi-step process that may take several days, depending on the weather and the size of your house.


The first coat of paint applied is actually the primer. Primer color differs from the final color of the exterior paint, so don’t be concerned if it doesn’t match your expectation. Primer provides an additional layer of protection for the siding and trim materials, while also helping the paint adhere better to the house.

Pain t

The final step is the application of your paint color. The paint tends to go on quickly, since most crews use paint sprayers on the bulk of your home and only use brushes for trim work and small details. The first coat is allowed to dry and then the second, and typically final, coat is painted on.

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